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Matchbook Men Mambo
Hollywood Holiday's Print
da Vinci study, Nupastel
Somewhere in North Korea
Don't ask, I have no idea
A ear for Mr. T., after Egon Schele
Today's Hot Air
The Meeting
Why we have only the mask of comedy & drama
Simi Sunrise
Her New Hat
Seagull over Mazatlán
Dinosaur Sketches
Bishop, large acrylic mixed media
Some Days are Like That
Scratchboard study
Jabberwocky Noon
It's When You Wake Up
Pineapple water color study
Owl & Herman
The Old Man's Still Dancing
Fiddler's Moon
Burne Hogarth Study
Committee Meeting Boredom
Simi Sunset with Saucer
Acryllic Boat in Progress
Do You See What I See
Flower Fence
I See You
Vase 1
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